The Importance of Routine Retinal Photos

Unfortunately most vision insurances don’t pay for routine retinal photos, but it is well worth the out-of-pocket cost. I always say a picture is worth a thousand words. As doctors we do our very best to document your retinal health but sometimes very subtle changes can be overlooked.





A case in point I saw a patient who I had seen for many years and we will call her Mary. Mary had baseline photos taken as well as routine retinal photos throughout the years. Well, the last time Mary came in we preformed her routine retinal photos and I noticed a difference in the photos of one of her eyes compared to last time. Everything about her eye examination was normal, but this one slight difference. The optic nerve head margin was blurred slightly on the temporal side of the right eye. Concerned I sent Mary to the retinal specialist with her photos and at that time it was decided for her to see a neurologist.





As it turned out she had a benign brain tumor. Fortunately, Mary had a previous MRI done for another reason a few years back and since it had only been a few years and there was no tumor then it was decided to remove the tumor mainly because the doctors felt it was growing fairly rapidly…….. as far as Mary everything turned out great!!!!

That is why I firmly believe that retinal photos are the best way to manage your eye health!!!!

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